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Note that V3.38 was an internal release. All appropriate changes are in this release.


The Dragon Armour Blast Doors rule may now be enabled/disabled on a quest basis.


The Time Track Modifier for Strength, Dexterity, or Intelligence will now be applied directly to the characteristic so that it is factored in everywhere, instead of just for tests.


The Time Track Modifier will now persist across quests.

A potential crash dealing with saving and restoring the game when using the Elf Guide during the monsters attack.

When rolling for a random slot for Witchery Vulnerable, only slots with armour are permitted.

The monster ability Stun test will only take place if there is damage to the adventurer.

The adventurers defence is now limit to five after all adjustments have been made (brews, magic, etc.)

The force Training Quests setting was not working.

The Adventurer's Companion Merryton In Turmoil and The Alliance Stones quests will now start combat immediately when the appropriate stairs have been ascended.

The Arcane Absorption boost will now update the adventurer sheet correctly.

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