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We are very excited to announce that the Computer Companion has been updated to version 3.

This is an entirely new version that introduces exciting new features and support for The Adventurer's Companion and The Dragon Armour.

Version 3 is a free upgrade from version 2. It will automatically upgrade the adventurer file to version 3. (The version 2 adventure file will be saved as "[original name].xml.V2".) If you wish to continue using version 2, that version will be in betas, v2-production.

The Adventurer's Companion and The Dragon Armour are available on Steam as DLC's which can be purchased using the Steam console. Note that like the Computer Companion, the PDFs and printed books must be purchased separately.

We would like to thank Martin, Aaron, Tarryk, and Brent for making valuable contributions to this version.


Major New Features

  • As already mentioned, all features in The Adventurer's Companion (except group play) and The Dragon Armour are now supported.

  • An entirely new window placement/docking system that allows a much wider variety of window arrangements.

  • There are now six different ambient sounds that will automatically play when one is exploring the dungeon, during an encounter, and during the BYNQ phase.

  • An image of the adventurer can now be displayed (View / Adventurer Image). The gender can be changed in Adventurer / Gender/Image.

  • An image of the current encounter can now be displayed (View / Encounter Image).

  • Any or all of the sounds (sound effects and ambient) and/or images can be overridden using customization (see Customization in Help).

  • A new status window (View / Status) can be displayed. This is a smaller window that reflects some of the most common referenced items from the Adventure Sheets. This cuts down on a lot of tabbing between the various tabs and also makes the game easier to play on a smaller screen.

  • The log entries may now be colored. See Settings/Logging.

More New Features

  • The text size is now dynamically reflected in the logs. It also affects the prompt area.

  • Two new buttons have been added to the Adventurer Create dialog:

    • Save and Load - Will save the adventurer and then automatically load that adventurer.

    • Save and FastTrack - Will save the adventurer and then automatically load that adventurer and begins the Fast Track process (requires purchase of the Adventurer's Companion DLC).

A small margin has been added to the perimeter of the map to make it easier to select exits when creating a secret tunnel.

  • By default, the map will now automatically scroll so that the tile that contains the adventurer is always visible. If desired, this can be disabled in Settings.

  • The doors on the map now change to reflect if they are open or not. The (O) notation has been removed.

  • A play button has been added to Settings/Sound to sample the volume.

  • Tick marks have been added to the Settings/Sound/Volume.

  • During edit mode the left mouse button can now be used. If the item is empty, it will invoke an add dialog, otherwise it will invoke the edit dialog. The right button will either invoke the add dialog or bring up a context menu.

  • A Repair All button has been added during post-quest.

  • Remove All and Sell All choices have been added to the appropriate context menus.

  • Logs will now automatically scroll so that any newly entered text will be visible.

  • The titles of the adventure top & bottom windows, the backpack top & bottom windows, the combat track and quest windows will now show the adventurer's name In addition, if it is a clone or in the process of being created, this will also be shown in the title.

  • When acquiring an item that can go into the belt when Settings/Rules/Permit non-official in belt, it is now possible to click on any belt slot.

  • When acquiring an item that can go into a backpack or belt it is now possible to click on an empty slot.

  • The can-continue-quest test will now take undefined doors into account.

  • A log message has been added when equipment is equipped/unequipped and the adjusted strength/dexterity/intelligence is adjusted.

  • Adventurer create will now detect when attempting to replace a weapon with armour. In addition, if an item is replaced, The old item will be placed into the backpack. (Note that at that point the backpack is not visible.)

  • A back button has been added to the first rolls in post-quest "Magic Tuition", Search Market: "Armour", Search Market: "Part", Search Market: "Treasure A", Search Market: "Treasure B", Search Market: "Treasure C", and Search Market: "Weapon".

  • The hit location is now shown in the log as appropriate.


  • When acquiring an item and the choice is to replace an item in the belt, the existing belt item will be tested to make sure it can fit in the backpack. If not, the user will be notified and asked again where to put the new item.

  • The legacy map tiles have been recreated from the original source to clean them up.

  • When creating an adventurer, the save dialog now defaults to the last path used to load an adventurer. It also sets that path.

  • During edit mode, the edit item dialog now permits the item to be changed.

  • During edit mode some fields (e.g. Life, Fate) used to use a combo box. They now use a text input.

  • The pack monster damage adjusted message at the start of the round will only be displayed if the adjustment is non-zero.

  • The can-continue-quest test has been improved to take into account areas that can no longer be reached.

  • The number of boxes for damage on the backpack-with-damage has been increased from 5 to 6 to allow for the display of a value of 5.5 (only possible for a shield).

  • If a pick, food, or oil is acquired but there is no room, 5gp, 10gp, and 15gp (respectively) will be added.

  • When attempting to open a locked chest and the adventurer has no keys and no skeleton key, the key test will be skipped.

  • During Buy Needed, the quantities of Picks, Oil, and Food are limited so that the player cannot buy more than the maximum.

  • On the equipment table, weapons that have a damage value of zero will show 0 instead of blank.

  • Dark mode will no longer persist across quests.

  • When editing equipment items in edit mode there is a more thorough check of what is allowed in each equipment slot.

  • When the adventurer fails the web test in combat they can not block the monster escape during the next round.

  • The can-continue-quest algorithm has been improved to properly handle areas that are partially blocked (e.g. river).

  • The edit mode edit item dialog presents part p1, part p2, part p3, part p4 instead of part and a second set of radio buttons.

  • The Play and Combat Track windows have been re-worked to make them easier to use on small displays (e.g. laptops).

  • The backpack with damage now displays "S" for a shield and "A" for armour.

  • Disable Adventurer/Create and Adventurer/Load during edit mode (was causing a crash).


  • When being asked for deflection, if there were no equipment choices, zero would be shown for the shield. The shield is now omitted as appropriate.

  • Before a quest has been selected and after a quest has been finished, the quest name, etc. will now be blank instead of "Dungeon Training 1".

  • The quest completion test for the Antiquity Expedition has been corrected so it is now possible to complete the quest.

  • Repaired a crash when adding items using edit mode before or after a quest.

  • All monsters were getting copies of the adventurer's equipment instead of just the doppelganger. This was causing the damage to monster calculations to be incorrect.

  • During time wrap-around, the disease and poison adjustments were incorrect.

  • The value of spells has been corrected from 1000gp to 800gp.

  • The Dungeon Training 5 quest completion test has been repaired.

  • In a rare case, when wrapping time, some modifications to values could happen twice.

  • Armour was being rewarded instead of gold when gaining/choosing a reward of gold after killing a monster.

  • Damage deflection to equipment was being doubled.

  • The Investment Roll will no longer be required if the adventurer has no shares.

  • The window position, etc. for the map windows will now be saved and restored.

  • During BYNQ, Magic Tuition, choosing to save for buying later was also acquiring the item. This was also limiting the number of rolls to one.

  • Under certain circumstances, missing and/or incorrect data was being written to the adventurer file. This data supported fate points, manipulate, etc.

  • If a secret tunnel is on the other side of a blockage (e.g. rope bridge) one will have to pass the cross test in order to use the secret tunnel.

  • During post-quest, training was incorrectly doubling the purchased pips if the experience star was shaded.

  • During post-quest, when a dialog comes up (e.g. buy needed), insure that all of the underlying buttons are disabled for the full lifetime of the dialog.

  • The total pieces of armour allowed when creating an adventurer is now limited to three, even if a replace was done.

  • When editing the combat track one can now edit entries beyond the first 32.

  • TableF item 66 was adding time of 2 when it should have been 1.

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1 Comment

Lord Gwydion
Lord Gwydion
Jan 11, 2023

Wow! I was hoping when I purchsaed this a while back that you would continue to work on it and I'm not disappointed! I own all the hardcover books for d100 dungeon and the mapping game. Can't wait to add the new DLC and see the upgrade! Thank you!


Well actually I do own both The Adventurer's Companion and The Dragon Armour! Can't wait to see the new experience in action...

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