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BOOK 7: THE RUNE FORGE is available now!

Book 7: The Rune Forge contains a choose your own adventure set in Northreach, Terra, just north of the White Tower. The book has 155 paragraphs and follows the same format (or similar) as Book 3: The Dragon Armour. The story starts with the adventurer having stumbled upon a magical door set in the side of the Ironton mountains, which they believe is the entrance to the Rune Forge; an ancient forge commissioned by the Arcane Council and built by the dwarves with the purpose to make powerful artefacts. The forge is completed in just nine years, but is quickly overrun by demons. The forge's location is then lost in the passage of time after The Great Icing and The Melting. The adventurer must enter the forge and imbue a piece of equipment, and take it to the Arcane Council at the White Tower as proof they have found the Rune Forge. They hope with this information the Council of Seven will reward them handsomely. Also contained in the book is a random dungeons variant, that will award reward points, that in turn can be spent on items chosen from the various tables throughout the D100 Dungeon books.

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