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Inline Editing:Prevent and correct mistakes before you start drawing. When you want to keep the drawing simple and avoid using the mouse, you can now select drawings with the magic wand tool and press E to start editing.(video: 0:37 min.)Drawing Pad:Canvas and layout tools to get a professional look. (video: 1:05 min.)A better user experience for walkthroughs:Hand-drawn annotations can now be included in color-coded walkthroughs. (video: 1:23 min.)On-screen keyboard:No more missed letters! Type in the drawing by using the arrow keys and letters on the keyboard. Even on tablet devices. (video: 1:42 min.)Hand Tracking:Put your hand in front of your camera and see how your drawings get closer and closer. Drawings are created in seconds using gesture detection and the included smart recognition camera.(video: 0:32 min.)New tool options:Create drawings easily using the tool presets and tools you most commonly use.Enhancements in the viewer:New tools for better navigation, search and filtering.More precision in orthographic views:Visually mark areas that require greater precision, such as edges and 3D dimensions.CAD 2018’s new features:Markup Share:Significant improvements for collaborative editing. Easily share your ideas with others and receive feedback by other collaborators.Automatic annotation of geometry and drawing annotations:Add simple annotations such as arrows, letters, arrows, and even 3D objects like arrows to the drawing. You can even annotate your own drawings.Drag and drop for blocks:Create your own custom blocks and drag them to other drawings easily. You can even create sub-blocks and drag them to other drawings.Layers:Combine them for different drawing settings. Manage layers and sub-layers easily with new preferences.Zoom and tilt:No more missing icons in the Drawing tool bar.Help for the command line:A command-line help system, providing in-depth information about commands and parameters.Inline edit and a new look:Prevent and correct 2be273e24d

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