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BALGORE’S STORY: It spun around in a strange tunnel unable to breathe until finally it was transported to a new world. The tiny creature crawled from the summoning stones. It had came from another world and had cried as it was torn from its mother. Tiny stubs on its head and back would later grow into horns and wings, and at the end of its tail would grow a thick bush of hair. Helpless it looked up for its mother and screamed. The cry was answered by a passing orc who scooped it up in its hand, and raised it to take a better look. The little red demon was no bigger than its palm and it hugged the orc’s thumb for comfort. It was hungry and sucked the thumb for food, and the orc chuckled. Confused and annoyed that no milk flowed it bit down hard and sucked on the blood. The orc yelled “oi you sneaky little bugger” and shook its hand, but the demon did not let go and as it drunk down the blood, it grew. The orc yelled and screamed and the demon held on and grew some more. It ate the thumb, the hand, and then the arm and was now standing as tall as the orc. It held the shaking and screaming orc by its head and bit through its neck and the orc’s head fell to the ground. The demon gulped down the blood and finished its meal. After it had eaten the orc, it was still hungry and so it wondered off for more food. It felt strong and its horns and wings had started to grow. It walked north and found a group of the little orcs, for now it was twice their size. It gorged on their flesh and enjoyed the lamentations as they were devoured alive. The meat tasted better being ripped from the food whilst it struggled. After the feast the demon was twenty feet tall and its horns and wings had grown. It flapped them hard and raised itself into the air.

Balgore has for many years terrorized the orcs. Once a month it will leave its lair and fly across Morage to gorge on their flesh. It was named Balgore by the orcs, because the first orc it ate was named Bal and “gore” is “eaten” in orcish.

You can face the demon Balgore in his lair, if you dare. But don't be too hasty, he has a love for all kinds of flesh, especially the kind that delivers itself to him.

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Feb 25, 2021

Fantastic! At first I felt sorry for the little bugger, thinking how nice it was the Orc didn’t hurt it. Then things got dark. Excellent!!!

Just purchased the expansion yesterday and quickly read through the first few pages and skimmed the Martial Artistry skill. Very pleased so far. Looking forward to diving into the adventure this weekend.

Martin, beautifully written and well done, as always. thank you for another fine addition to an already excellent system and world of adventure!

Martin Knight
Martin Knight
Feb 26, 2021
Replying to

Thanks Whybbil1, I think Balgore is one of my favorite monsters of all. I have died many times trying to defeat him and with no life points remaining I won't risk a battle again for some time. I enjoyed writing him up and after I showed my wife the article, she was lured in at first and even said "aww how cute". After reading on she commented "I really do wonder whats going on in that mind of yours". She is always so complimentary.

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