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We are reaching out to all players of the D100 Dungeon Computer Companion.

The current Store Page needs addressing as some review posts are tagged as NOT RECOMMENDED as being the most helpful. However, these are now very much out of date, as the issues have since been resolved with a number of updates. The Companion is constantly evolving with new content and updates, which is leaving some of the NOT RECOMMENDED comments as simply out of date and not fitting for the current status of the Companion. Our goal is to make the companion an enjoyable addition to your D100 Dungeon games and we hope an accurate review page will help players, greatly.

How you can help!

Please take a moment to scroll through the companion's reviews on the shop front on Steam and read through the reviews; then take a moment to decide if the review is useful to you or not. If the review is not useful to you, please go ahead and mark the review with a "No" to the question "Was this review helpful?". However, if you find a review helpful, please click "YES". Your Opinion Matters!

We feel that the current updates have dealt with all the issues that were first raised in those reviews and that the helpfulness of them no longer applies. We hope you feel the same way and can help bring this fantastic application's review inline with its current status.

Also, why not write a review too. All constructive feed back is always welcomed.

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1 commentaire

02 juil. 2023

Played Dragon Armour today 2 Jul 2023 on Computer Companion. Absolutely loved it! I had played it on paper back in early 2020, so I had forgotten how well written and exciting it was. I posted a comment on Steam. Keep up the updates!

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