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As D100 dungeon v3 has grown, rules have been added to various books and with the ever growing number of charts and tables, it has became clear that players will want and need them all in one placed when playing the game. I have therefore compiled a new supplement called "D100 Dungeon - Tables and Game Sheets”, in order to collate all of the tables needed for playing D100 Dungeon games. Some of the tables will have been updated to reflect the new rules. It will contain tables from the main rulebook, companion, dragon armour and from the new extraordinary rulebook. However it will not include the rules found in those books, only a collation of the tables. My intention is not to replace anything already in publication, but to aid them. I do not wish to create a V4, I intend to keep v3 the final and latest version of the game, and this seems the best solution to keep everything in production still current (I don't like to keep buying new versions of games and I don't want to offer a game that is constantly being updated to newer versions every few years).

In addition I have updated the game sheets (18 in total) to a colour parchment and a black and white parchment format, so you can choose which best suits your printing options. These updated sheets will only be available in this supplement. Basic games sheets will be made available from the as and when the rules that require them are released.

As the number of pages of charts and tables have grown, we have all run out of fingers and thumbs to bookmark the pages, so we don't have to use our toes, I have added 18 D100 Dungeon folding bookmarks that can be printed and cut out to help mark those pages. They look pretty on glossy photopaper and been individually coloured to make a reference to specific pages.

At this stage I plan on releasing the supplement in the same format as the history and glossary of northreach, and leave the printing security open, so it can be printed. It will be updated as new rules are added to the system with no additional charge. If a new rules or table is introduced that needs to be in this book, it will be added.

My intention is to release this when the D100 Dungeon - Lost Tome of Extraordinary Rules is available.

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