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With the new bolt on rules coming to D100 Dungeon in the form of the LOST TOME OF EXTRAORDINARY RULES I am planning on shifting my attention to growing the campaign world of Terra into some more quests and campaign modules. The world has been growing around Northreach and I have almost finished a high res map of the other three continents, and a world map showing their proximity to each other. With this in mind, I intend to change the name of the print on demand book "The History and Glossary of Northreach" to "D100 Dungeon - The World of Terra". It will contain all previous material in its original format and will be added to as new material is added for the world of Terra.

For anyone who has purchased the original sourcebook. The title may be changing, but you will not need to make another purchase, and when the change happens, just update your file in the usual way. THIS WILL BE COMING SOON.

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