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Work has already begun on a new D100 Dungeon book featuring additional rules to add to your D100 Dungeon games. The compendium of rules will spice up your games and your free to pick and choose which you would like to use. Some of the new rules are :-

  • BEAST MASTERY (Tame and use companion pets in D100 Dungeon)

  • A NEW FIND TABLE (100 individual entries)

  • ARTISAN (An extensive crafting system)

  • INVESTMENTS MADE EASIER (A new table making it easier to apply the investment roll result)

  • COMBAT EXPERIENCE (Learning how to defeat the individual monsters)

  • ADVANCED SPELL USERS (Bringing 60 new Spells and a new ARCANIST HERO PATH)

  • OWNING PROPERTY (Adds a place to store your beloved items)

  • QUICK ADVENTURER (Generate new adventurers with one roll, plus a CHAMPION HERO PATH)

  • QUICK EQUIPMENT (Generate your new adventurers equipment with just one roll)

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