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Beta updated to V3.32

The various "cure disease" potions can no longer be cast if the quest prohibits it.


The encounter Fire and Freeze abilities were being applied on every encounter damage roll instead of just when the roll is 1.

The Phoenix fear test was being applied at the incorrect time.

The Manticore fear test was being performed twice.

Monster Wrath has been corrected to Wraith.

Some quests were incorrectly reporting that disease could not be reduced.

In Companion quest Saltwater City, the Skeleton Spider test will now only occur after the boy has been rescued. Further, when the test fails, the Skeleton Spider must be killed immediately.

In Companion quest Goblins Nest, the Goblin King was not being added to all objective areas.

The Dragon Armour Undead Monster was not forwarding the monster's reaction roll to the underlying monster.

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