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A WORLD BUILDER Expansion video from The Dungeon Dive.

Hi everyone, I found this video on YouTube from The Dungeon Drive that features the world builder expansion. It shows some of the presenter's new world being setup and getting ready to venture into the wilderness in search of quests. He also covers a few of the other features of the expansion that some viewers may find interesting. it is presented very well and well worth sharing. The presenter does mention the game is very slow, and quite often in the video; but I am sure once he uses the The World Builder Actions and Map Key sheets, he will find the game speeds tremendously; he just need to have the basis of the rules down and he will be away.

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James Livermont
James Livermont
16 nov. 2021

I skimmed the highlights of the video and the reviewer was still extremely positive about his experience with D100.

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