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Question regarding the D100 Dungeon Mapping Game
Nov 25, 2021
I recently purchased the hardback d100 Dungeon books, they arrived just over a week ago and so in addition (or celebration :) ), I purchased the Print and Play Mapping Game. The cost of the physical copy was way too high for my tastes plus the shipping to the UK is expensive. I've just finished laminating and cutting out all the components, they look very nice indeed. I'm somewhat disappointed the PnP didn't include "all" the actual components such it could mirror the original. All that's really needed are the tokens and the 4 missing Map tiles (you don't need duplicate Monster cards). I can see why these components were not included in the GameCrafter physical release, and I think it was simply due to cost. For example, only 96 of the 100 Map cards are included and it may be the card punch used to make the Map tiles produces 12 at a time. Instead of having 8 surplus cards each batch it was cheaper to just make 96 and not a 100 of them. Same with the tokens, there really should be 100 Door tokens, 100 Encounter tokens and a 100 Geographical tokens. It seems rather short sighted not to offer these as well (if not in the physical game, then at least in the PnP). I can't see any reason why the missing tokens were not included in the PnP. So, to answer your question, I would suggest cost was the main reason. There are other possibilities but I hope it was only due to cost and not any other reason. As you mention the Encounter odds for low level encounters are seriously off. On a non adjusted Encounter roll, there is 10 times more chance of encounters a DRAGON / WYRM than a Giant Rat!!! That is so wrong on so many counts. My solution is to now create all the missing Door, Encounter, and Geographical tokens, that way I can use the Mapping Game and have a "proper" game of d100 Dungeons :) While I'm at it, I'll create the four missing Map Tiles.


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