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Stephen P. Ward
Jun 23, 2019
I’ve bought the mapping game and I’ve have a question on the monster cards and encounter Modifier. when you draw the monster chit for the first adventure which is a modifier of -40 you use cards 1-18. What I’ve experienced is getting enemy where you can get parts which you need to complete the quest is next to impossible. So if I draw a chit do I subtract the encounter Modifier? Because if You roll on the encounter chart and subtract the modifier you have a better chance to get a monster with a part when defeated and thus have a better chance to get a part since they come frequent enough that when most run away you can still get enough to get parts. So far I’ve sent 2 lives trying to stay around to get 3 parts in the 2 adventures I’ve done because with the chits you have a 6 in 18 chance of getting a part which seems cut in half with how many times a monsters escape as your strength seems to be a bit low on the D100 roll when first starting out. I mean at a strength of 50 and -10 when blocking, so a 40 or lower which may not seem like bad odds, but when a monster where a K= P (1-3) is very low in odds of getting them often enough to make escaping not a super large hurdle, this makes getting through the training adventures bit of a hurdle. Maybe if the -10 to the strength test wasn’t there then at least there’s now a 50% chance of blocking an escape. or Maybe the parts availability would be about 8 out of 18. So I guess what I’m asking is why such a high failure rate on the cards vs the table?

Stephen P. Ward

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