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The draft has been finished and will go for editing soon. Its taken a little longer than expected because I wanted to add an extra feature called "Special Blues" that wasn't originally planned for this release. Special Blues will give you the choice to roll on a table when you generate a blue map area. If you decide to roll for the special blue area, you will get some flavour text, and either a series of Str, Dex or Int based tests to overcome, or a special encounter to defeat. If you can beat the blue areas objective, the adventurer will be rewarded by a roll on treasure table D, which has far greater treasures than those found on Treasure table A-C, such as Legendary items that can have two legendary adjustments. The special blues feature, games, puzzles, trials and monsters lairs.

If you have been following this next instalment for D100 Dungeon you will also be aware that its title has been updated and it now has a final image for its front cover. The supplement is going to be around 90+ pages once the art has been added.

The new supplement will still require the D100 Dungeon main rulebook V3 (from Drivethru RPG) to use and will contain the following features-

  • BEAST MASTERY (Tame and use companion pets in D100 Dungeon)

  • A NEW FIND TABLE (100 individual entries)

  • ARTISAN (An extensive crafting system)

  • INVESTMENTS MADE EASIER (A new table making it easier to apply the investment result)

  • COMBAT EXPERIENCE (Learning how to defeat the individual monsters)

  • ADVANCED SPELL USERS (Bringing 60 new Spells and a new ARCANIST HERO PATH)

  • OWNING PROPERTY (Adds a place to store your beloved items)

  • QUICK ADVENTURER (Generate new adventurers with one roll, plus a CHAMPION HERO PATH, if you roll high)

  • QUICK EQUIPMENT (Generate Hero Path relevant starting equipment)

  • SPECIAL BLUES (Turning blue map areas into something special and table Treasure D)

  • ALTERANTIVE MAPPING TABLE (The walls are squared and not cavernous, giving a different feel to your dungeons)

I am hoping for a release date for end of march at the earliest, however from this point forward I am in the hands of third parties and anything can happen. I will update progress as and when I have something new. UPDATE: 27/03/2020 - I have finished preparing the edited print book and cover. At the start of next week, I will begin work on the Digital PDF, by adding links, and a front and back cover to the file. When this is complete I will send everything to Drivethru for approval, and all being well, I can order proofs from the printers for the hardback and softback editions. I believe everything is still on track for a release date of mid-end April.

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Jose Vargas
Jose Vargas
Jul 19, 2022

Hi, in regards to Treasure Table - D, Roll 100, ask to see "exceptional legendary items", but I do not see which dice to roll for "TDa" result. Can you elaborate on this?

Martin Knight
Martin Knight
Jul 20, 2022
Replying to

Hi Jose, Table TDA has instructions of how you would name the item that has two legendary adjustments. The examples at the top of that table explain how this is achieved. There is no direct roll on this table and the name of your items is determined by the two rolls you made on table L. Hope this helps. Good luck in the dungeons.

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