The draft has been finished and will go for editing soon. Its taken a little longer than expected because I wanted to add an extra feature called "Special Blues" that wasn't originally planned for this release. Special Blues will give you the choice to roll on a table when you generate a blue map area. If you decide to roll for the special blue area, you will get some flavour text, and either a series of Str, Dex or Int based tests to overcome, or a special encounter to defeat. If you can beat the blue areas objective, the adventurer will be rewarded by a roll on treasure table D, which has far greater treasures than those found on Treasure table A-C, such as Legendary items that can have two legendary adjustments. The special blues feature, games, puzzles, trials and monsters lairs.

If you have been following this next instalment for D100 Dungeon you will also be aware that its title has been updated and it now has a final image for its front cover. The supplement is going to be around 90+ pages once the art has been added.

The new supplement will still require the D100 Dungeon main rulebook V3 (from Drivethru RPG) to use and will contain the following features-