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I am expecting the final proofs for the D100 Dungeon Mapping Game Add-On (plus the Extra Gold pack), and the new Escaping WWII board game on Monday (13th July), and all being well they could be available from The Game Crafter later that week. Print and Play version will be available, but will follow around a week after The Game Crafter products have gone live. You can find out more about them below.

ABOUT ESCAPING WWII click more information


With the release of new products for D100 Dungeon, it has become important to update the mapping game with new tokens. This add-on provides these tokens, and also new rules for the additional material for D100 Dungeon that can be used with the mapping game. Included are tokens for D100 Dungeon – The Dragon Armour – Adventure Book One, and D100 Dungeon – The Lost Tome of Extraordinary Rules, and more. You will also need the D100 Dungeon rule book and the Mapping Game in order to use this expansion.


50 Special Blue Counters (Used with

Special Blues Rules)

12 Special Blue Tracker Discs (Used

with Special Blues Rules)

1 Special Blue Discard Counter (Used

with Special Blues Rules)

20 Adventure Markers (Used with

Adventure Books)

1 Geographic Counter (Add in with

the Geographic Pool)

14 Dungeon Note Counters (Use to

add notes to the dungeon areas)

4 Monster Counters (Add to games if

you have these Bonus Monster

Cards and wish to encounter them)

60 Gold Pieces (in various

denominations, use to

track your gold)

ABOUT THE D100 DUNGEON MAPPING GAME EXTRA GOLD The pack contains the 60 gold counters found in the D100 DUNGEON MAPPING GAME ADD-ON. They can be used either with the mapping game add-on to bolster your gold coin number, or if you don’t own the MAPPING GAME you can always use them as an alternative way to keep track of your adventurer’s gold and save some erasing on the adventure sheet.

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