Jun 23

Mapping game question

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I’ve bought the mapping game and I’ve have a question on the monster cards and encounter Modifier.

when you draw the monster chit for the first adventure which is a modifier of -40 you use cards 1-18. What I’ve experienced is getting enemy where you can get parts which you need to complete the quest is next to impossible. So if I draw a chit do I subtract the encounter Modifier? Because if You roll on the encounter chart and subtract the modifier you have a better chance to get a monster with a part when defeated and thus have a better chance to get a part since they come frequent enough that when most run away you can still get enough to get parts. So far I’ve sent 2 lives trying to stay around to get 3 parts in the 2 adventures I’ve done because with the chits you have a 6 in 18 chance of getting a part which seems cut in half with how many times a monsters escape as your strength seems to be a bit low on the D100 roll when first starting out. I mean at a strength of 50 and -10 when blocking, so a 40 or lower which may not seem like bad odds, but when a monster where a K= P (1-3) is very low in odds of getting them often enough to make escaping not a super large hurdle, this makes getting through the training adventures bit of a hurdle. Maybe if the -10 to the strength test wasn’t there then at least there’s now a 50% chance of blocking an escape. or Maybe the parts availability would be about 8 out of 18.

So I guess what I’m asking is why such a high failure rate on the cards vs the table?

Using the mapping game Q1 is a 1/3 chance it will be a parts monster. It balances out in the follow up quest, Q2 you have 11 in 23 chance it will have a Weapon. Then its 8 in 23 for Q3 for Armour. Then Q4 is almost everything will drop something. Rolling on the tables, odds are Q1 rolls between 74 in 100, Q2 is 26 in 100, Q3 is 20 in 100. There are advantages and disadvantages between the two ways to encounter something. Another thing, Monsters should not be escaping so much, unless you are rolling lots of 10's (if so chuck that dice away), they try to escape on rolls of 9 if damaged in the last round and on a roll of 8 if it has less than half its health points. You don't always need to block an escape if you think your next attack will kill it. You can invest in the escape skill during creation, this may help. You can also spend fate on any roll. Perhaps you have just been unlucky, the game is very random and has been designed that way, there is a chance that anything may happen, for instance, its not impossible for a new character on Q1 to end up looting a Legendary Item of the Lion (+20 Str) or a Elixir of Life (+5 Life Points) from a pack of Goblinoids if you roll or manipulate the dice well.

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