Apr 21

First Quest

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Okay so I went on my first quest with Glavnar Ironbeard, mighty Dwarven warrior and he lived. So I have a couple or three questions. First, when I defeat a monster and there are three charts in the "K" heading such as I/A/W, I choose one of the chart to roll on for loot, yes; not all three? Second, I found a scroll that with my intelligence I probably shouldn't use, can I sell it? If so, for how much? Is it the same as magic tuition, 1000 gp? Third when I have completed the quest, do I just leave the dungeon, if I have dealt with all the monsters in the previous rooms? Or so I have to roll for new opponents if the rooms are red?

1) You choose from just 1 table when given a choice "/". (V3 p8, Tests - paragraph 2. The same logic can be applied through out)

2) Scrolls sell for 200gp. (V3 p25, Before Your Next Quest - 4. Sell Items)

3) The Quest ends, no need to retrace movement (V3 p24, Completing A Quest)

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